• Domanic
    This stuff is like steroids for the penis! If you want that little extra push, than this is what you take. Great after a night out! The girl you are with will be very impressed. This takes it up to 11!!!

  • jasmin
    War ein tolles Erlebnis hat zwar was gedauert bis sie anschlagen aber der Sex mit dem Patner ist einfach geil *-* empfehlenswert auf jeden Fall

  • Ricky
    So that worked! Hard as a rock for ages and just kept her excited and wet riding me all night long. Great rush for her and a great confidence boost for me. Highly recommended :)

  • A
    first of all, this product really works... it is a 5 star product but I would raise a concern and I hope the shayana team will take it seriously :) first of all, the pill comes in a form which cannot be divided into two or something. I do not have erectile issues, but I cannot also keep it hard for 4 hours... so if I have such a product, I would not like to use all of it, but maybe start with a quarter and see what the effects are... I tried to divide the product into two with a knife and i managed to do it. However, inside the pill, there is actually powder. I assume the pill material allows a gradual diffusion of the powder to the body. so in my case, powder had direct contact with the stomach, which did not cause any issues though... nevertheless, I believe the dosage is just TOO much for normal people who do not have issues with sex but want to take it to a longer level.I only hope that shayana can deliver products with half of the dosage, or in a pill form (not really powder) which can be divided into a couple of pieces by the user. thank you!

  • sebastian
    works like the original

Iron Man Formel V

Dieses langsam freisetzende, bewährte Arzneimittel hilft direkten Blutfluss in die entscheidenden Regionen zu bringen, um dir zu helfen robuste und langlebige Erektionen zu erlangen und auch zu halten, dann, wenn es darauf ankommt.

• Steigere Die Sexualleistung
• Werde Hart, Bleibe Hart
• Shayana-zertifizierte Qualität für Seelenfrieden


Diese kleine, leistungsstarke Erektionsverbessernde Pille, ist vollgepackt mit Stunden sexueller Energie.


Nehmen sie 1 kapsule einfach mit einem vollen Glas Wasser, 30 bis 40 Minuten vor dem Liebesspiel einzunehmen.