• Oskars
    Good calming effect. Time after time have problems with insomnia, it take them off. Good stuf for a good, relaxing sleep.

  • Übersetzt von Samoan Oskars
    Gute beruhigende Wirkung. Immer wieder haben Probleme mit Schlaflosigkeit, es nimmt sie ab. Gutes Zeug für einen guten, erholsamen Schlaf.

  • Übersetzt von Italian Dév
    Hello guys, I got the seeds and I only had to wait a little longer than the rest of my order. The seeds take more time to get out of their house than my other seeds. Do not doubt success. As usual, first let the seeds soak in the water bath and since I already had enough time to wake up. It takes almost three times as long as all of my previous seeds. As I said, don't get impatient and give him the time it takes. I can not say anything about the yield, but according to the description, the waiting time with a lot of yield is promised. Until harvest about 9 weeks !!! I am already looking forward to the dependent action at the end. A lot of joy to all those who made the decision for these top seeds. Waldmannsheil ??

  • John
    I've taken both valerian root and hops in their whole form and haven't noticed much, but with this extract combo I find that it works very well. I feel relaxed and anxiety disappears.

  • Übersetzt von Samoan John
    Ich habe auch Baldrianwurzel als auch Hopfen in ihrer eigenen Form genommen und nicht viel wissen, aber mit dieser Extraktkombination finde ich, dass es sehr gut funktioniert. Ich habe mich entschieden und die Angst gehört.

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V-Hop as an overall calming effect. Valeriana is a well known as a relaxation herb, helping to reduce the intensity of body pains. Hop as a more mind effect. The combination of the two gives you the chance to completly relax your body and mind. It will also help if you're not cooping with some drug effects and want to have a less intense trip.


Maximum of one or two caps in 24 hours whenever you feel that you need them.