Nitrox DNX

  • Übersetzt von French Fuckin'Karma
    For someone who has not too badly typed in hardteck and goa parties all over Europe and has seen all kinds of things (hehe) always good tolerance to prods, nitro is not so bad, the closest comparison is the speed methedrine type that lasts with small reminders of taz: can be taken in the evening and even during the day (that's what I did with half the bottle) We are attentive, alert without stress, self-control and the smile as a bonus, the stuff goes everywhere for me: sex, evening, work but no sleep! G also order X-4-FMP and Flux BC2, I can't wait to try and I don't think I will be disappointed..And God, may your will be feast for all, Yipaaaah, avisoam !!! -)

  • Übersetzt von French Mohamed
    I hope to have a good time I took 3 × 10ml, m with shayanashop c the top as always, I wait for it to happen..but word of mouth and well

  • Denise
    einfach fantastisch. Ich war total euphorisch und die Musik Eindrücke einfach unbeschreiblich.Echt schön

  • Übersetzt von French Greg
    Have taken a bottle is a half is a friend took the other half of the bottle is att effects after 2 hours we understand, no effect

  • Übersetzt von French louloute
    too good but avoid putting the whole bottle otherwise extreme palpitations, difficulty sleeping, I felt like I was going to die lol

Nitrox DNX

Nitrox DNX

The energizer everybody is talking about just arrived to us, its a caffeine based product with some other secret ingredients guaranteed to keep you awake and happy for a long time