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Skunk Auto

  • Übersetzt von French Landoas
    erfreut über hübsche Knospen nach knapp anderthalb Monaten ein guter Geruch nach Stinktier, da wir über 50 Zentimeter Höhe stark wissen, die Ernte ich rate andererseits einen guten Boden zu planen, sonst Vorsicht vor Eisenmangel

  • Übersetzt von French Landoas
    delighted with pretty bud after barely a month and a half a good smell of skunk as we know it about 50 centimeters in height strongly the harvest I advise on the other hand provide a good soil otherwise beware of iron deficiency

Skunk Auto

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This is an old-school Skunk crossed with a pure Ruderalis from Kazakhstan, resulting in an outstandingly performing autoflowering strain. Skunk Auto grows with extreme vigour and produces a nice yield of up to 80-100 grams dried per plant with a crop time of only 9 weeks. The buds are slow to form during the first weeks of flowering, but develop very rapidly during the last few weeks, allowing growers to chose the ripeness of their harvest within a short time period at the end of the crop.

The aroma and flavor are very intense with a dominant earthy smell and a caramelized background.
The effect is fast hitting, intense, with a cerebral high followed by a mellow but long-lasting body stone. The complexity of the effect is very similar to the original Skunk.


Skunk x Ruderalis
Indica 70% / Sativa 30%
Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
90 – 120 cm
7 weeks
9 weeks total crop time
80 – 100 gr/plant


Fast Hitter, Long Lasting, Cerebral, Uplifting, Body Stone